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Our Mission

JCW Creative

We believe in the power of personal stories and genuine experiences. That’s why JCW Creative was started with a mission to build the online presence of small businesses by developing their authentic brand story. We’re the answer your search for a web designer and marketing consultant near Saco Biddeford, Maine. We give clients quality branding, web design and marketing services and the training and support they need to stay competitive online while maintaining their own unique voice.

Meet Jessica!

  • Jessica Wallner Web Designer, Marketing Consultant & Brand Builder

    Hi! I have a passion for learning about people, hearing their stories and helping them to promote their work. I rely on my intuition and professional experience to provide the most easeful process, specific to every client. I am a certified yoga teacher, so I love to apply those teachings to my work as a web designer, marketing consultant and brand builder.

    Before starting JCW Creative in 2014, I spent 7 years learning and applying marketing and design skills to the non-profit, public and private sectors. I have a BA in Media Studies from Emerson College and an MA in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University.

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  • We cannot thank our amazing web designer Jessica Wallner enough for all of her magic in making Home/Resilience come alive digitally. She herded us up like scared little animals (fear of technology) and translated our words, ideas, photos and videos into something beautiful and understandable.

    Caroline Losneck Home/Resilience

Core Difference

JCW Creative

In general, the trend of hiring big agencies filled with specialists isn’t affordable or efficient for small businesses. And, it’s hard to find a consultant these days capable of fulfilling all of your marketing and design needs. We don’t claim to have all of the answers, but what differentiates us from the herd is our passion for learning and our ability to apply it quickly. We are storytellers, but we’re also techies. We love branding, but we also enjoy coding. What holds it all together? We are deeply committed to providing quality services.

Intuitive Processes

We believe that our job is to provide you with a clear pathway forward. We have designed our processes to be client-friendly and easy to understand.

Easy to work with

We work hard to create a good, no-fuss, drama-free experience for all parties included. Let’s put our collective energies into being productive and fun!

Industry Expertise

Technology, trends and best practices evolve quickly and it’s hard to keep up. We have the passion and experience to stay current on the latest developments so that you don’t have to.

Results Driven

Return on investment is important when putting your resources into marketing and design work. We strive to give usable data and reporting to our clients so ongoing value is clear.